Ebb & Flow

Sunday evening our house was full of people.  We had to add an additional table so we had enough seats.  As I was retrieving more placemats and delegating the procurement of cups I couldn’t help but smile as the laughter of children, the introduction of new folks, and the reconnections of community members bubbled around me.  The week before it was a very different scene. Just a few of us at the table, having a quiet conversation that ended earlier than our set time.

This is our life.  Some weeks I’m caught up in the vibrant energy of the community, other weeks there are just a few of us sharing a different kind of connection.  All of it is wonderful and sacred.  I kind of love the ebb and flow, the unexpected chemistry of each gathering.  One brunch we have 16, the next 5 resulting in totally different dynamics, not to mention totally different food options.

Flexibility is the watch word.  I always have enough food on hand in case a big group shows up and we need more, or we have a wildly unbalanced meal, say all bread,  with a small crowd.  Sometimes I change up what I had planned for us to do, taking the size of the gathering in to account. It’s hard, and yet I wouldn’t change it.  People have lives and this community is part of that.  We go with the ebb and flow of real life and I think that is one of the most beautiful gifts of this ministry at SFC.