Getting Ready

In July SFC will launch into a crazy new reality, a collaborative ministry with a traditional church in the next neighborhood over. As we prepare for this work we’ve been praying and talking as a community about the logistics of the collaboration for our portion of the community.  One of the ways we are preparing to enter in to relationship with the folks of Trinity UMC is by praying for them by name.  Over the next 8 weeks we will take a select group of names and lift them up on Sunday, sharing those names in our weekly email for continued prayer.  While we plan the schedule, think about themes for the first sermon series, and map out our office spaces, we will be grounding our work in prayer for the future of our community and the people we will be joining in following God.

Please offer up your own prayers and love for both Trinity and SFC as we get ready to go on a wonderful, holy adventure together.



        Prayers lifted up at worship.