Grateful for Rest

This week of Thanksgiving I had a lovely break.  It’s been a stressful time of transition these past 5 months with adding Trinity to my portfolio and Amanda to leaving the Parish.  There are so many little and big things that need to be accomplished and it is vitally important to be present and connect with people. I’ve found myself in the shower thinking about the church budget or not realizing it was time to make dinner while reprinting the leadership roster.  I have to admit that I was wearing a bit thin.  So 3 days in Boise with my mom and sister were a great time to forget about the to do list and just be.  It was a time of laughter, hikes, great food, and lots of games.  We also shared those things in life that we see as great blessings.  I am so grateful for my job, for the work I am called to do in this neighborhood.  I’m grateful for an incredibly supportive church management and hierarchy that has allowed us to experiment with what church looks like over the past 5 year and who helped me try to readjust as things broke down with Amanda.  I’m grateful for the people of SFC and Trinity UMC who are willing to try new things and who I learn from every day.  I know life will get back to being busy these next few weeks before Christmas, but this time to give thanks and rest means I am ready for the work ahead and the beautiful celebration of advent.