Learning from the Failures

Experimenting with new ideas is risky.  Sometimes the experiment works and we end up with something beautiful.  Sometimes it all blows up.  Yet even in that explosion we learn and discover new things that can take us to the next place, the next experiment, the next step in following God.

From onetimethrough.com

The past few months have caused me to really think about the person that I am and how I function as a pastor, leader, follower of Christ, friend, and person.  And here’s the deal, I am far from perfect.  I have flaws. What I am learning about my flaws is that I need to be real about them and even embrace them. It’s only then that I and others can work within who God has made me.  Wonderful, broken, beautiful me.

There are lots of great things about me too. This isn’t a pity party or a fishing expedition for compliments.  This is me naming in vulnerability that I am not perfect.  I am a sinner, I am a human, I am a work in progress, I am a beautiful mess, I am not ashamed of who I am.

Our task as a church is to grow into who God created us to be.  We walk together in faith, holding each other accountable.  We know each other, the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful, the mediocre and the excellent.  It is a gift to know oneself, to be known by others and in all of it to be sure of God’s love.  This is the community we are building here in Southeast Portland Parish and I’m glad it is a place that is big enough and sacred enough for me to bring all of myself to it.