Making Room for God

Our uncluttered basement

Our uncluttered basement

This past Sunday was the first in the season of Lent, which is the time of the church year when we prepare ourselves for Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Most folks know Lent as a time to give something up.  This season our community is focusing on how we make room for God in our lives.  For some of us it does mean giving something up.  We talked this week at dinner about how Facebook can be a great time waster, or how we can lose a whole day binge watching the latest release on Netflix.  So some of us are working in this season to limit those kinds of activities.  Others of us feel a deep need for centering.  Our days are busy caring for grandkids or juggling work and life.  So some of us are working to create times of devotion and prayer in our days.  Others of us feel isolated and alone. We get into our heads too much and feel almost like islands unto ourselves.  So those of us are finding ways to connect and working on opening to others.  Others of us feel overwhelmed by it all, and so are choosing to practice getting rid of a bag of stuff each day of Lent in an attempt to physically reduce the stuff in our lives.  So of us feel stuck in a rut and are exploring ways to try new things by going to local theatre productions or spending time practicing a new art form.

I invite you to consider this season how you might make room for God in your life.  In this church season of introspection and transformation we look for ways to be more fully alive in God.  May you find a practice that helps you to become more fully who you are.