Last week I was touring at the art museum. I like to get there early to walk the floors to just make sure all my art is in the right places.  The curators like to move things around and add new amazing art. It’s nice to be able to point out cool things along the way to my featured pieces and to think about what pieces on our route might cause questions or reactions among the students.

I love the walk throughs because I am one of the few people in the museum that early.  This week as I was checking out some art on the 2nd floor of the contemporary building I heard lovely music playing.  My first thought was that it was really cool musak the museum piped in.  And then I realized that the museum doesn’t do that, and if there was music it must be part of an exhibit.  I was heading back to the meeting point to collect my students, but instead I turned around and started following my ears.

I spotted some plants hanging over the balcony on the 4th floor and something about them made me think the music was connected.  Sure enough I wandered up to an entire gallery of amazing pieces that are part of a new exhibition working with different artist collectives in the city.  The music was coming from a movie at the back of the hall.  As I stood in front of it, I couldn’t believe that I had heard the song all the way down on the 2nd floor. Standing there it seemed to be playing just in that space, creating a peaceful setting to experience the artwork of the illustrator.

My experience that morning reminded me of the way the church functions.  People out in the world encounter something so beautiful and compelling that they want to come and see, and when they do they find a peaceful space for deepening their experience of God.  This Sunday, as we in the church celebrate the second week of Advent and the theme of peace, I’ll be reflecting on the way peace is like a beautiful song, calling us all to become part of the music.

May you experience God’s beautiful song this season.