Sparkly Shoed Evangelism

A dear friend recently invited me to a holiday party, so I of course showed up in my best, most ridiculous, blue, sparkly platform heels.  My shoes were a big hit and  my friend delighted in telling his other guests that I am a pastor.  And because I was at this party at the home of a gay man, and because I was wearing sparkly shoes, suddenly people who had never wanted to talk to a pastor before were hanging out with me, asking all sorts of questions about faith and God and life.

This is my method of evangelism.  Showing up where people are as myself, my full, God created self, and being open about that.  I love shoes and sparkle.  I love Jesus.  I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and read Bonhoeffer.  I’m a mom who needs my mama friends to help me figure out this parenting a teen thing.  I’m someone who walks with people and offers them support as they figure out life.

I’ve read a million articles on authenticity and how it’s the key to sharing faith.  I’m always a pastor, and happy to talk about that whatever the surroundings.  Part of the beauty and importance of church planting is that we get to be the unexpected community.  It’s a great place to be able to break down walls and help people connect with their authentic selves as they explore faith. I’m so glad that sometimes this job includes wearing fabulous shoes.