Every year we celebrate an early morning worship at the river on Easter Sunday.  Every one has been special in some way, from the ritual we engage with to helping a homeless girl who was drawn to our singing.  This year as I looked at the 15 folks gathered in the soft morning light, I was once again struck by the beauty of this community.  Standing together singing Alleluia was the first woman to join with us and a family who have been coming for a few months.  They only met each other last week at dinner, and here they were joyfully greeting one another as the beloved community.  With us in the circle was our newest baby, who I had to grudgingly share with one of our oldest folks.  We are weaving something beautiful in this place.

Not only was it a gorgeous morning with beautiful singing, we also created reminds of hope to take with us into our lives.  When things seem hopeless, we can remember Mary, weeping at the tomb, certain all hope had died.  And we can remember what came next, Jesus calling her name.  People made butterflies or wrote prayers inside ornaments and these can hang in places where they need reminders.  And a couple of folks let me know this is just what they need right now in their lives, a reminder that in the midst of what seems hopeless Christ calls our name.

What started out 4 years ago as a daunting task, is now a vibrant community, on the verge of a new life with Trinity United Methodist Church.  This is a season of hope for us, as we celebrate this community and joyously anticipate walking with a whole new group of folks.

Happy Easter,