They Can’t All Be Home Runs

Some days are mediocre.  I say this after a museum tour last week that just never really clicked.  I’ve had hard tours before, but there is usually something that rises up from the tour time that redeems it.  This group last week were lovely kids.  The chaperones were helpful.  I was the one that was off.  Nothing really landed with the group.  There was no spark.  I trudged through the pieces and tried to make something good happen.  Not that it was an awful tour.  I’m sure the kids went home excited about what they had seen and having learned something.  I just know it was not my best.

I’ve felt this way before, about sermons, dinner gatherings, blog posts, parenting moments, time with friends, and much more.  And then I have to remind myself that ok is good enough.  Trying to be perfect all the time is harmful.  Trying to make each day great makes all days difficult.  I am learning that it is actually enough to just be.  I will have awesome tours and middling ones.  I’ll have special moments and ordinary ones.  There is beauty and life in it all.


The other day I wore two different earrings.

The other day I wore two different earrings.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this. I think it’s a message that needs to be shared much more often than any of us may feel comfortable. But it’s so important to hear. Grace abounds.