This Countercultural Life

This past Tuesday instead of watching the hoopla and spin of the political drama unfolding in the US, a small group of us gathered for worship, silence, and prayer.  We remembered our baptism, prayed over the water, lit candles, and claimed our allegiance to the God who holds us all.  It was a countercultural act in a time when it seems our airwaves are inundated with loud voices telling us to hurry, to fear, to grasp for more for ourselves.

Another one of our community chose to spend Tuesday night at an ESL citizenship class. Her support and appreciation for those who are working to be part of this country was a way to actively bring in to being God’s preferred future of a world where our differences of language and place of birth mean less than our united vision of how to love one another.

The roar of our culture is deafening.  It is important that we pay attention, that we know what is happening, and that we listen to the speeches and statements of those in power.  This allows us to hold the powerful accountable and to be active in our communities in serving God well.  It is also important that we find ways to be other, to step out of the mainstream and claim the way of God.  This can be in how we worship, how we pray, and how we witness.



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